To selfie or not to selfie…that is the question



#nomakeupselfie has taken social media sites by storm over the past few days…all in aid of #cancerawareness. Following the latest, rather amusing, yet annoying song by the chain smokers it seems the whole of the internet has gone #selfie mad. Even my favourite high street shop French Connection are selling #selfie t-shirts to stay on trend. But what is it all about? Many people may think that this is social media marketing campaign by a leading cancer research charity; however this is not the case. Cancer research UK, one of our leading funders of cancer research in the UK, praised the campaign but urged #nomakeupselfie tweeters to donate. In fact an article yesterday in MSN news said that The Breast Cancer campaign had received over £15000 in donation so far as a result of the #nomakeupselfie campaign. Although #nomakeupselfie has done a fantastic job of jumping on the #selfie bandwagon, donations and education are what will help us beat cancer.

Today, to help raise awareness I will post breakthrough breast cancers facts on screening. A fantastic resource for women undergoing breast cancer screening. This interactive webpage answers many of the questions that women have about screening, educating them on the facts of the screening process. For me the answer is…not to selfie…but to #educateanddonate.



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